Native American Histories And Presence

Institution(s): Northeastern

Discipline(s): History

Faculty Member(s): Nicholas Brown

Keyword(s): Art, Diversity, Policy

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Native American Histories & Presence is an introduction to the Indigenous peoples of North America and to the academic field of Native American and Indigenous studies. Drawing from Indigenous studies, history, anthropology, cultural geography, settler colonial studies, and critical ethnic studies, this interdisciplinary course focuses on the resilience of Indian nations in New England and beyond. With an awareness of history’s bearing on the present and future, Native American Histories & Presence explores how treaties and the legacy of historical policies such as allotment, relocation, termination, boarding schools, and natural resource extraction impact tribal nations today. Regarding colonization and decolonization as ongoing processes, this course highlights concepts such as sovereignty, self-determination, and environmental justice within the context of enduring and evolving relationships to land and place. Native American Histories & Presence is structured around four intersecting themes: identity, land, law, and culture. The course culminates in a collaborative project that combines public history and public art in order to activate the landscape, engage new audiences, and propose new modes of just and peaceful coexistence in the colonial present.