Mixed­Reality City: Transit Symphony

Institution(s): Harvard

Discipline(s): Architecture, Design, Humanities

Faculty Member(s): Jeffrey Schnapp, Jessica Yurkofsky, Joe Steele, Kyle Parry, Matthew Battles

Keyword(s): Design

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The contemporary city is constituted by multiple overlapping, intermixing realities articulated across built form and imagined space, individual experience and collective memory, embodied sensation and digital mediation. Often, these multiple realities are invisible or illegible, with certain narratives dominating particular environments. However, realities always leave traces, to be excavated and reconstructed. The Mixed­Reality City is an exploratory research seminar and workshop in which students pursue studies of urbanism­in­the­making through means and methods emerging in the digital arts and humanities, including: data narrative, digital ethnography, adversarial design, and critical technical practice. The course focuses in equal parts on unpacking discourses and developing interpretative digital artifacts. For Spring 2015, Mixed­Reality City takes on transit as a heuristic for understanding and experiencing the city, and travel as a means of performing urban space. We’ll proceed through five modules, touring dominant modes of moving through urban spaces, surveying their alternative and corollary modalities along the way.