Data Visualization

Institution(s): Emerson College

Discipline(s): Journalism, Information Design and Visualization

Faculty Member(s): Catherine D'Ignazio

Keyword(s): Data Journalism, Data Science, Data Visualization, Mapping, Policy, Urbanism

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This course introduces concepts, methods and practices of data visualization and data storytelling for journalism majors. Data journalism is an emerging field of practice that ranges from the dazzling interactive graphics of the New York Times to the consistent, watchful reporting of sites like Homicide Watch. In this course, students learn to adopt a “data-mindset” and reflect on how telling stories with data can help advance (and occasionally obscure) public understanding. Students will learn how to find and create data sets for their stories, how to analyze data (including some basic scripting and coding) and how to present data in a variety of ways. We will also discuss privacy, verification, ethics and some of the other thorny issues that arise with data reporting. Some experience in HTML and coding is helpful but not required.