Tuning In- Reading And Listening To Public Spaces

Institution(s): Northeastern

Discipline(s): Architecture, Information Design and Visualization

Faculty Member(s): Chris Ryan, Dietmar Offenhuber, Sam Auinger

Keyword(s): Data Visualization, Design, Design-Research, Mapping, Urbanism

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Space is not a container, but a product of human experience and practices. In this course, we will investigate how to read and represent public space, especially from a hearing perspective. Using the complex transitory spaces in and around South Station and Ruggles Station — their structures and flows, social practices, sensory and auditory qualities — the project is based on a thick mapping approach: an approach to cartographic representation that is not limited to the representation of a given data set, but also reflecting on the process of collecting these data. This joint studio between Architecture and Information Design and Visualization investigates different approaches to read and represent a complex informational environment, through observation, listening, and critical cartography. The studio incorporates methods from environment-behavior research, human geography, design research and sound studies.