Civic Art & Design Studio

Institution(s): Emerson College

Discipline(s): Design, Information Design and Visualization

Faculty Member(s): Catherine D'Ignazio, Cindy Vincent

Keyword(s): Art, Citizenship, Civic Media, Data Visualization, Design, Participatory Politics

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Civic Art and Design are practices that leverage culture to generate social change, to serve the public good and/or to imagine alternate collective futures. In this class we address the shifting role of the artist, designer and storyteller in a world beset by crises, inequities and global concerns. This course covers theories of Civic Art and Design as well as methods for including communities and audiences at various stages in the creation of a project. We conduct experiments in performance art, storytelling, data visualization, community art, interactive documentary and networked art in order to interrogate where, when, how and why a Civic Artist takes action in the world. Throughout the class, we will model a design research process that culminates in the completion of a public art installation about the future of transportation in the City of Boston.